Third Party Administration

Insurance carriers require claims handling which ensures effectively managed litigation, properly evaluated coverage and controlled expenses while at the same time ensuring customer satisfaction. With decades of experience managing the full spectrum of property and casualty claims, as well as professional and management liability claims, we are completely versed in all aspects of the claims and litigation processes. In areas of claims where there are complicated facts, numerous parties and multiple towers of insurance, we offer the reputation and expertise to provide our clients with the highest level of confidence. A well-run, seamless claims operation with state-of-the-art technology and reporting is essential for an insurance carrier to effectively manage its business in a competitive and fluctuating market.

By pairing our experience and expertise with state-of-the-art Third Party Administration solutions, we are able to provide premium and cost-effective services including:

  • Claims management with expertise in both high severity and high volume lines of business;
  • Experienced claims handling and understanding the important differences when managing primary and excess claims; and
  • A claim system specifically designed for property and casualty, as well as professional and management liability claims that is able to track and report on trends.