Systems Evaluation

Technology has become critical to both the underwriting and claims handling processes. Claims and policy management systems should be implemented in a manner that not only supports the staff but also provides the most efficient workflow. This allows for all of the necessary information and documentation to be provided to the examiner in a quick and easily accessible claim file.

Arya offers a highly-skilled team with extensive knowledge on technology and business processes. Our team is willing to travel anywhere in the world or work with you remotely, and we provide quality, cost-effective services.


Reinsurance Audit

Reinsurers are not involved in the decision-making done by the ceding carrier and therefore can be impacted. Reinsurers need to know their carrier partners’ results long before claims are resolved. This will ensure the claims are being handled and reserved properly and in a timely manner. It can also allow you to forecast, on open claims, the potential for your coverage to be impacted. This service allows you to avoid situations that could potentially be detrimental and cause financial losses at your company.

Arya has a staff that can evaluate claims handling, reserves and future results during the early stages of a claim. Arya also offers a highly-skilled team with decades of knowledge and insight in evaluating claims and policies.


Policy Drafting

Policy drafting is a skill that is learned through experience. The ability to produce a policy requires a process of analysis, organization, writing and presentation. Understanding unusual, emerging and high-risk liabilities is critical in preparing a policy. When developing new policies or updating outdated policies, it is critical to understand the product you want to offer compared to the needs of the consumer.

Arya not only offers a highly-skilled team with decades of knowledge and insight in evaluating claims and policies but also is fully aware of industry standards and changes that impact the policy form and products offered.


Claim Support

Arya personnel are always available to assist in claims adjusting. The specific responsibilities of the claims support staff are defined based on the needs of the client. If a carrier needs temporary support to handle a claim adjuster’s pending, Arya staff can help.


Claims Organization Audit

Arya offers a comprehensive service to review and evaluate a carrier’s entire Claims’ operation. By conducting a review of all operating procedures, policies and guidelines, we can identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement at both the organizational, management and examiner level. We will provide an objective evaluation of your standards compared to industry standards along with whether or not those standards are being met within your organization. Our expertise consists of staff from claims operations to claims executives in order to provide you a full analysis of your organization. From intake through resolution, we will identify areas of success warranting expansion and areas for improvement and expense reduction.


Claim Litigation

Arya offers a highly-skilled team with decades of knowledge and insight in evaluating claims and related litigation. There are cases that are not easily resolved and enter litigation that leads to a claim notice. Litigation can become complicated and Arya has the expertise, experience and knowledge needed to help facilitate the claims litigation process.


Claim File Quality Audit

Claim file audits can provide you with the information you need to evaluate and modify your claims adjudication process. These audits can be general or can have a specific focus on a particular area of concern.

Regardless of the preferred focus, we will not only evaluate the individual claims selected but will also compare your overall results to industry standards for best practice. We can review and analyze various aspects of the file in order to give you not only a full overview of your claims handling results and processes but also allow you to review and evaluate this information on an individual basis.

Our complete audit will allow you to know where your claims are deficient, which will allow you to take the appropriate actions to adjust your process in order to avoid future, unnecessary claim costs. We can also recommend next steps and actions that should be taken to remedy any deficiencies.